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SORA Beta Access: Current Status and Future Availability

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2024 by Rambou

Sora Beta API Access cover image

Accessing SORA's Beta API

Currently, access to SORA's beta API is restricted to members of OpenAI's "Red Team". This team is engaged in rigorous testing and evaluation of the model to refine its capabilities before a broader release.

Increase Your Chance of Getting Early Access

Here's what you can do to increase your chances of getting early beta access to Sora.

  1. Visit the URL and fill the application form on the official OpenAI website - https://openai.com/form/red-teaming-network

  2. Fill out the form carefully and wait for a reply - Fill carefully and do not lie.

Once you get access, you'll be part of the "Red Team" and your job would be simulate attacks on the AI models, and the job of the "Blue Team" (OpenAI staffs) is to defend the attack. By working closely with them, you'll be able access Sora and other latest model.

Public Availability

While SORA's beta API is not immediately accessible to the general public, OpenAI's development patterns suggest that wider availability can be anticipated in the future. It is advisable to monitor OpenAI's community page for announcements and updates regarding SORA's release.

Anticipated Methods of Using SORA

Based on OpenAI's established practices, there are two likely ways users will interact with SORA:

  1. Direct API Access: For users with programming proficiency, SORA's beta API will become available (upon release). Utilizing the API will involve understanding necessary parameters, API URLs, and crafting HTTP requests as outlined in OpenAI's documentation.

  2. Client Interface: To provide a more streamlined experience, OpenAI typically develops a user-friendly client interface, as exemplified by ChatGPT. This interface would allow users to submit prompts directly without the need to engage with the technical complexities of API calls.

Current Status

At present, neither a dedicated client interface nor API documentation for SORA has been released by OpenAI. Further information regarding SORA's usage methods is expected to be made available closer to the time of its wider public release.


Sora text-to-video generator is a monumental leap in the field of generative AI, and it ushering in a new wave of creativity, artistic expression and productivity. It is rumored that Sora will be available to public in the second half of 2024.