SORA by OpenAI

Your Guide on How to Use OpenAI Sora

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2024 by Alex

What is SORA?

SORA is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI. Unveiled in February 2024, SORA has the remarkable ability to transform text, images, or even existing videos into entirely new video content.

How to Use SORA

There are two anticipated ways to interact with SORA:

  • Direct API Access: For developers, SORA's API (once released) will allow integration into various applications. This involves sending HTTP requests with specific parameters, as outlined in OpenAI's documentation.

  • Client Interface: OpenAI often provides user-friendly interfaces for their models (like ChatGPT). This would simplify SORA's use, letting you submit text prompts directly and receive video outputs without complex coding.

Important Details

  • Input Flexibility:

SORA accepts text, images, and existing videos as input.

Image Input

two surfers surfing a wave in a historical hall sora prompt

Video Output

Prompt: In an ornate, historical hall, a massive tidal wave peaks and begins to crash. Two surfers, seizing the moment, skillfully navigate the face of the wave.

  • Video Length:

    Currently, SORA can produce videos up to one minute long.

  • Resolution:

    SORA offers both widescreen (1920x1080p) and vertical (1080x1920p) formats.

  • Sora Prompt Tips:

    While SORA can work with short prompts, providing more detail in your requests will generally lead to better, more tailored results.

We're Still Waiting

As of today, neither a dedicated client interface nor API documentation for SORA has been released by OpenAI. Keep an eye on their community page for updates and release information.